Dec 102012

Via: Toysrevil


Further to my earlier feature, we now have further product and availability information (thanks, Adam!), along with a new incarnation to share, which also features the sword accessory of the character!

Featuring a design by Geof Darrow, based on his comicbook “Shaolin Cowboy”, the figure features sculptwork from Monster5. The Shaolin Cowboy is produced by Wednesday’s Finest, and is their debut figure. The image/s shows the prototype of the 14″ tall vinyl-made figure, with points of articulation to be added. Priced at US$110, you can currently order the figure by emailing either and/or, with the estimated ship-out date to be February 2013.


“Our company goal is to work closely with each creator to bring out their artistic vision in every consumer product we produce. We currently have a few other projects in the pipeline with some big name creators.” ~shares Adam Silverstein for Wednesday’s Finest.

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