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Shaolin Cowboy 14 Inch Vinyl Figure by Geof Darrow
Every once in a while The Blot is totally blown away by the announcement of an upcoming release. A perfect example of this is when news spread around the internet that Geof Darrow, one of The Blot’s all time favorite comic book artists, had teamed up with Wednesday’s Finest and Monster 5 to create a new vinyl figure based on his popular Shaolin Cowboy comic book character! Shaolin Cowboy is one of those legendary ongoing comic book series that never comes out (i.e. it goes on hiatus for years between issues), but fans still go crazy for any time it’s mentioned. That’s a true testament for the amazing work Geof Darrow produces!
Geof Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy vinyl figure stands 14” tall, was sculpted by Monster 5 and produced by Wednesday’s Finest. For now two colorways of this figure have been planned, the Regular Comic Book Edition with a run size of only 300 pieces, and an as of yet unannounced colorway of Geof’s choosing. The Blot can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!!! Just think how awesome it’d look next to Super7’s Tao King vinyl figure (also based on the artwork of Darrow).
Shaolin Cowboy 14 Inch Vinyl Figure by Geof Darrow
This exciting release is not scheduled to ship until February of 2013, but you can pre-order through The Black Lodge Holding Co’s online store for $110.
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Monday, January 21, 2013: NEWS: Shaolin Cowboy Vinyl Figure

Geof Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy has been immortalized – in vinyl!

Standing at 14” tall the figure is the debut work of Wednesday’s Finest and features a sculpt by renowned vinyl artist Monster5. Set for release next month, the figure is available to pre-order/reserve now. In the meantime though, check out these very cool images of this amazing-looking piece.


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Shaolin Cowboy is a series from Dark Horse Comics and if you haven’t read it then you’re missing out. I won’t drone on and on about it, but it really good so get caught up on it. In fact they just released a magazine so that should be easier to find. Wednesday’s Finest has teamed up with creator Geof Darrow to create a 14″ vinyl figure for the character and it’s pretty bad ass if you ask me. It’s sculpted by Monster 5 and the first run totals to 500 figures with 300 in the comic book colorway and the remaining to be determined by Darrow.

If you’re interested then you’ll be able to get on in late February or early March for $110.00 bucks. Here’s a link to pre-order if you’re gunning for it right now and there is some more info and pictures after the jump.

Lastly, here’s some info on Wednesday’s finest:

Wednesday’s Finest is a creator friendly company that really seeks to remain true to the creators image and desires in producing various consumer products.  For example, this figure was completely Geof Darrow’s design…he provided the artwork and certain specifications that we adhered to.  If the creator is behind it, then I know the fans will be too.

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Wednesday’s Finest new debut toy production of Geof Darrow’s comic character Shaolin Cowboy.
‘The image/s shows the prototype of the 14″ tall vinyl-made figure, with points of articulation to be added. Priced at US$110, you can currently order the figure by emailing eithersales@wednesdaysfinest.com and/or sales@meltdowntwo.com, with the estimated ship-out date to be February 2013.’



Also…if you haven’t seen it already, check out the Geof Darrow/Frank Miller dystopian mini-series Hard Boiled; but be warned it depicts ridiculously detailed violence – ouch!
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Further to my earlier feature, we now have further product and availability information (thanks, Adam!), along with a new incarnation to share, which also features the sword accessory of the character!

Featuring a design by Geof Darrow, based on his comicbook “Shaolin Cowboy”, the figure features sculptwork from Monster5. The Shaolin Cowboy is produced by Wednesday’s Finest, and is their debut figure. The image/s shows the prototype of the 14″ tall vinyl-made figure, with points of articulation to be added. Priced at US$110, you can currently order the figure by emailing either sales@wednesdaysfinest.com and/or sales@meltdowntwo.com, with the estimated ship-out date to be February 2013.


“Our company goal is to work closely with each creator to bring out their artistic vision in every consumer product we produce. We currently have a few other projects in the pipeline with some big name creators.” ~shares Adam Silverstein for Wednesday’s Finest.

Dec 102012

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Holy-Heck! The SHAOLIN COWBOY is now a figurine! Sculpted by モンスター 5 (monster5 of Japan), Geof Darrow’s character from the “Shaolin Cowboy” comicbook (from Burlyman Entertainment) comes to 3D-life in this 16 inch tall statuette (I don’t see any articulation tho) and will be on display at New York Comic Con booth S1. And apparently you can reserve it via wednesdaysfinest.com.


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