Jan 042013

Via: Comic Bastards

Shaolin Cowboy is a series from Dark Horse Comics and if you haven’t read it then you’re missing out. I won’t drone on and on about it, but it really good so get caught up on it. In fact they just released a magazine so that should be easier to find. Wednesday’s Finest has teamed up with creator Geof Darrow to create a 14″ vinyl figure for the character and it’s pretty bad ass if you ask me. It’s sculpted by Monster 5 and the first run totals to 500 figures with 300 in the comic book colorway and the remaining to be determined by Darrow.

If you’re interested then you’ll be able to get on in late February or early March for $110.00 bucks. Here’s a link to pre-order if you’re gunning for it right now and there is some more info and pictures after the jump.

Lastly, here’s some info on Wednesday’s finest:

Wednesday’s Finest is a creator friendly company that really seeks to remain true to the creators image and desires in producing various consumer products.  For example, this figure was completely Geof Darrow’s design…he provided the artwork and certain specifications that we adhered to.  If the creator is behind it, then I know the fans will be too.

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